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Letra Albert Collins, Cash Talkin'
Letra de la canción y letra de música de Cash Talkin' de Albert Collins.

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Letra Cash Talkin' de Albert Collins

Well I walked down to my bank, just to see what I could see
I asked the man behind the desk, I say 'Ah, is there any money for me?'
Now he didn't know just what to say
I say, 'I need that money in a terrible way!'
Now he didn't say 'yeah' but he didn't say 'no'
He just shook my hand and showed me the door
Oh Lord, the blues is killin' me
Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, these blues is killin' me
Yes sir
Now my wife loves money and it bothers my mind
She runs to the store and she buys, on time
T.V's, radios, stereos and I got all kind a princess phones
A one of these days, ya'all-a, I think they all gonna be gone
My baby need clothes, my wife needs a car
It's a wonder ya'all ha, I got this far! Hey!
Landlord knockin', and he wants some rent
Now I'm lookin' for the money that my wife just spent
Oh Lord, um-hm, the blues is killin' me
Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, these blues is killin' me
Tellin' ya
Tax time, ain't nothin' but a mess
Payin' Uncle Sam more an' I'm gettin' less
Letra de:
The po' stay po' and the rich stay rich
An' I'm right here in the middle
Now ain't that a.....!
Barely gettin' by, makes me mean
'Cause the politicians I'm payin', are livin' real clean
Step down Mister Politician, and live like I do
I want you to know, the workin' man blues
Oh Lord, oh Lord, these blues is killin' me
Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, these blues is killin' me
Payin' these taxes worry me to death...
Buyin' new T.V's an' radios an' stereos...
Baby needs clothes...
Wife need a old car to get around in...
Oh it's a bitch bein' po'...
I say it's a ___!, bein' po...
Now ain't that a bitch?
(Boy it's rough, I'll tell ya)
Note 1: ___ this is not a missing word, Albert just leaves out the word, 'bitch' and bends a note to fill in instead of saying the word.

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