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Letra Chris Brown, Bassline
Letra de la canción y letra de música de Bassline de Chris Brown.

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Letra Bassline de Chris Brown

Wheels on the Bugatti go 'round-'round-'round
Tappahannock in V.A., yep, that's my town-town-town
If you wanna, we can do this, girl, right now-now-now
You're a model? I got bottles, pour it down (lights)

Ay girl, tell me what you're taught
Pretty motherfucker, I'mma put you on the wall
Ay, girl, you can get it all
Cause I know you like the way my beat go

Ay girl, tell me what you're taught
Pretty as a, pretty as a picture on the wall
Ay, girl, you can get it all
Cause I know you like the way my beat go

Girls like my (Bassline)
Girls like my (Bassline)
Shake it to my (Bassline)
Gonna make it to my (Bassline)
Get butt naked to my (Bassline)

Said them girls like (Bassline)
Girls like my (Bassline)
Girl, you know you like my (Bassline)
Letra de:
Shake it to my (Bassline)
Gonna shake it to my (Bassline)
Get butt naked to my (Bassline)

I-I-I-I'm winning, you heard about my image
But I could give a flying motherfuck who's offended
? baby, if I go any harder
I'm get you out your?, but you're somebody's daughter
But I just wanna know you wanna get it the way that I do
And if you with it, just bring your friends, cause they're loving the crew
I like your piercings, your attitude, girl, and all your tattoos
So come get it with it, leave with me and take this key to my room

Yeah, I'm getting money, I'mma name my price
Thousand bottles, on these models; nigga, this ain't your night
? got a nigga chillin', how the bitch feel with ice
My bassline to her waistline, a nigga 'bout to bust them pipes
I'm wildin', money piling, two dime twins when their thighs bend
? Bruce Lee want to throw the towel in
Man, life is just so glorious, you could never worry us
You niggas just be playin'? gravy? notorious
I said them girls in the front, bet that Breezy make 'em jump
Over here got that loud, over there they got this bump
Boy, we do this every night, you got to save up for a month
And you just say I'm blowing smoke, but nigga, I'm just being blunt

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