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Letra Chris Brown, Undercover (feat. J. Cole)
Letra de la canción y letra de música de Undercover (feat. J. Cole) de Chris Brown.

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Letra Undercover (feat. J. Cole) de Chris Brown

I ain't going to lie
I'm fiending cause I need it
And I'm digging you alot
Now you still catchin feelings
But I'm feelin on your spot
No kiddin when I hit it
I be leakin on your spine, playin with your mind
I ain't going to spot, when I finish
I be in it. I be fucking with the lights on
That's the shit that I'm on
Give it all I got, your body and my body
We be feelin', scratchin', screamin'

Hey shorty
Here we go in
Nobody doesn't know it but you
Ain't nobody gonna see you

One thing to know about me's that I never play to lose
Always aim high and rarely obey the rules
Never tell my business, if I did it make the news
Say time is like money, you should come and pay your dues
And kick it a damn minute, maybe an hour
Just let me peak my head in for a second while you shower
I bet you got some real good, holler if you feel me
I'm on some Marvin Gaye shit, you know just what's gon' heal me

Hey shorty
Here we go in
Nobody doesn't know it but you
Ain't nobody gonna see you
Letra de:

Excuse me Mrs. Officer, can you go under cover for me?
Ain't enough liquor in your cup
The waitress ? let her pour it...up
I'm trying to get you drunk as fuck
Take her to my crib then I lock her in them handcuffs
Panties off, stupid booty
Ready for war - Call of Duty
She said I got the right to remain silent and
I've got to give it to her rough
But I better not get violent - ha!
Girl, my chain feel like an anchor
And when I told you to use your head
I didn't want you to be no thinker
And we ain't gonna waste this drink up
These haters sore like cankles
While I'm counting all this paper
And my ears shine like twinkle, twinkle
Big star, get in my car, I don't valet that
You're weak nigga, pussy in the street cause
You're an alleycat
And I'm loyal to my fans cause I love them
So girl if you're a fan, you can meet me undercover

Hey shorty
Here we go in
Nobody doesn't know it but you
Ain't nobody gonna see you

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