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Letra Eminem, Serious
Letra de la canción y letra de música de Serious de Eminem.

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Letra Serious de Eminem

Here it is, there it is ladies and gentlemen
We got one more act

[Bakarat] Yeah, y'all gone like this one

Tell 'em about it, Backarat
This yo' man J-U-S and this track called 'Serious'
Promatic featuring Eminem and Swift

What's up with everybody beefin'
Everybody seem like they wanna beef
You know what I'm saying?
Everybody beefin' with everybody
This shit is crazy

This is a bomb scare, fires on your hair
Terrorists live here, but I don't care
I'm making potholes when I stomp, so don't stare
I stop to stomp competition, with both fair
How dare, little soldier at ease
We shake down these streets, like Parkinson's disease
We parking the road trees, plus load the weapons
Everything to six shooters, to high tech ones
If a green beans things, to my suggestion
Burn a big whole in your belly, like indigestion
With one question, who the fuck is Dogmatic
An underground nigga but this nigga's above average
It's serious! Who can understand what I'm saying?
Yo Slim, tell them niggaz
[Eminem] We ain't playing!
[Dogmatic] It's like you open a can of worms or smoked yams
I got bloody hands and burners that make you dance!

CHORUS [Eminem]
This shit is serious! Do you really want beef
Do you really wanna end up, missing yo' front teeth
And see yo' family, getting smoked like a blunt leaf
And wrapped up in a zip-lock bag, like lunch meat
This shit is serious! Do you really want beef
Do you really wanna end up, missing yo' front teeth
And see yo' family, getting smoked like a blunt leaf
And wrapped up in a zip-lock bag, like lunch meat
This shit is serious!

Letra de:
[Swifty McVay]
I'm the only one yo' bitch to touch a
Type a brother that'll, fuck yo' mother, wit' a fishnet rubber
I'ma misfit slash, nitwit
I love to put up biscuits, straight to a niggaz lips, it'll fit
A belligerent and rowdy fellow
I'll dump yo' body, and still fly away to Maui on a teller
When it comes to beefin', it ain't no explain'
I'll change ya language, wit' a stainless
I'll contain, wit a name which to make you famous
I'ma deranged pit, I'll bang you till ya back touch ya anus
Don't ever take me to court, I'll whack the plaintiff
Then beat the fuck out the bailiff
A heinous, miscellaneous, nigga never miss, when the AK lift
I paint ya face wit, any weapon, just like the 'Matrix'
They ain't steppin', don't even say shit
You heard about the bodies in my basement, you joinin' them, face it


Laugh indictive, like Kim lipstick, and get a nose bleed
My blow speed, is like my hands working ten stick shifts
Captain ask, to stick my finger in the (???)
And snatching the driver out the black Benz
Smashing his contact lens, my life start when his contract ends
'Go kiss-and-tell, and contact Kim!'
Let's be factually, actually, y'all ain't after me
Got (???) wit' Regis, y'all beef is without the Kathy Lee
Told y'all my battery, and go to war happily
How you gon' call my bluff, when you scared to send a fax to me
My faculty guns drawn, one wrong move dudey
And it's too heads on ya body, into a gangster movie
For lot being real, scared to pop wit' the steel
It got skeletons in my house, every closet is filled
Now how does it feel, with this Beretta to ya dome
And to know that ya mom's know, that you was never coming home

Chorus (w/ Ab-libs)

You know what I'm sayin'
You want beef, we taking it to yo' face
Fuck it, Dirty Dozen, Slim Shady
D-12, this shit is serious!

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