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Letra Lil' Wayne, Priceless
Letra de la canción y letra de música de Priceless de Lil' Wayne.

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Letra Priceless de Lil' Wayne

[Lil Wayne]
here i come again
staring into the mirror
to no reflection like in my head
paranoid whose there i know in my years
i've seen much shit everything i bare
everything i care about
its all been most of a way to the shore
but we got more more in store

this for you bird lady yeah young 100
back on the bitches rollin in the bently
them suwaside doors cost me 650
lamborghini yellow could do it no better
burnin in the sky float like a feather
them stars worth the price
and music bought the lights 5 star G
and my son 5 mikes
fully loaded with the peaces
hundred mill is the feast
so we ate the same meal
till the hundreds had a crease
so you know we bought some fleach
row verse and hum v
keep a bad b*t*h
put the diamonds on my teeth
presidential sweet
rumers bout me
rumers bout my son
dying in the streets
it cant be

[Lil Wayne]
and we hear everybody talkin
we know they talkin about shit (about shit)
cause i swear it was just the other day
i told my nigga we goin get about this (about this)
and we goin keep our guns
cause we live a block from
danger trouble and every girl you can name
thats true strugglin in pain
hustle and gain
throust through the chains
now just fuck everybodyy
man fucking everbodyyyyy

but im priceless
im lifeless
im wifeless
im the nicest
and im priceless
im lifeless
im wifeless
im priceless

you can find me on the southside
uptown with the louie on the rightside
we so high to the sky where the sun shine
theres no price on the tag that we cant buy
flyer than a pearl cuter than some jewels
hot with a shades flame on you
country niggas pay new bently coup
20 on some blaze mark j com shoes
frank muller watch the square block bezzle
junior is the best fly in any weather
i mill cash bitch out the louie brief
eurolls and currency
Letra de:
this the CMB

but im priceless
im lifeless
im wifeless
im the nicest
and im priceless
im lifeless
im wifeless
im priceless

[Lil Wayne]
in this stand
in this room
with all these doors
and no where to go
ah ah ah ohh
all these doors
but i chose
the window

the big block phofer before we mash yall
candy on the slab before we burn out
its billion frame cherry wood grain
two own them benz glass top switching lane
hundred thousand acres 10 on the heal
over city view get it how you live
down in the jungle learn to keep it humble
i be about your business cookie life is gumble
i meag on the spread mill on the bed
marvin of the floor ice shandalere
i paranoid your life rich without wife
higher than a kite smash and upflight

[Lil Wayne]
upflight high
not fly high
higher than your eyes can see
but im coming down
and coming down
so assholes better get down with me
now fuck everbodyy ayyyyyy
now fucking everbodyyy ayyy

but im priceless
im lifeless
im wifeless
im the nicest
and im priceless
im lifeless
im wifeless
im priceless
but im priceless
im lifeless
im wifeless
im the nicest
im lifeless
im wifeless
im priceless
now hurry up and buy

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