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Letra Lil' Wayne, Wowzerz
Letra de la canción y letra de música de Wowzerz de Lil' Wayne.

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Letra Wowzerz de Lil' Wayne

My tongue is a uzi
My dick is a AK
My tongue is a uzi
My dick is a AK
My tongue go BDDDDDDD
My dick go BAH
My tongue go BDDDDDDD
My dick go BAH! (Bitch)

Lay on the bed, open that twat
I French kiss that pussy - like muah
Sit on my face, M-U-A-H
Before I eat that pussy, I say my grace
Girl I'm nastier than him
I don't know why you still with him
Beat that pussy, go to sleep
She got that Tylenol P.M
Fuck that bitch, until she tired
Til she tired like a rim
Give her head like a brim
It tastes good, M-M-M
Pussy monster in her closet, full of surprises
I give full body massages
I hope that pussy smell like a violet
I hope that pussy warmer than luke
And sweet as Godiva
Suck this dick and swallow that nut
And call it Penis colada
Lift up that mini-skirt
That's my dinner desert
She fell in love with the martian
I said you too down to Earth
Man, these hoes, love Wayne
Got a bunch of dimes, that's chump change
This shit is target practice
And your bitch is my gun range

My tongue is a uzi
My dick is a AK
Down here waiting for her to come like payday
Hoping this juice
Is sweeter than baked cake
She say it's for Tunechi
She lie with a straight face
But I'm trying to eat healthier
So I ate a veggie
Sucked on that pussy
I feel better already
She say Tunechi go slower
Letra de:
And Tunechi went faster
My tongue is a motor
My dick is a NASCAR
Whipped cream on that pussy
Dickhead like a bullet
If her hair real I'mma pull it
Hope that ass feel like a cushion
I give her wood when we wouldn't?
I hope that pussy tastes like pudding
And I get that ho the boot
Hold up let me put my foot in (Tunechi)
Got a sweet tooth
Candy yam pussy
I'mma leave that ass smoking like a Amsterdam tourist man
These hoes, love Wayne
Got a bunch of dimes
That's chump change
This shit is target practice
And your bitch is my gun range

Lay on that bed
Open your mouth
This pussy so clean
Like soap in your mouth
I do my lil' dance
He scoping me out
If that dick like a tree
Watch me build a treehouse
Ok the baddest bitch in this bitch
Got the fattest clique in this bitch
You might drown
You better start doggy paddling in this bitch
I'm Trin, B nigga?
Queen nigga
Sleep in this pussy tree nigga
I stay on that dick
Like a fucking balance beam nigga
Hair pull, neck grab
Don't fuck with hoes that backstab
Don't fuck with niggas that ain't got shit
If I fucked a nigga, then that's my dick
My mouth a jacuzzi
My pussy a safe place
Fuck me until daybreak
Then you can go skate

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