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Letra Outlawz, Nobody Cares
Letra de la canción y letra de música de Nobody Cares de Outlawz.

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Letra Nobody Cares de Outlawz

[kastro] (talking)
Hmm, damn, i feel ya
Turn, nope, don't nobody care
These outlawz feel y'all (yup)
Yeah, don't nobody care
Sometime it get like that (when it feel like don't nobody care)
It seems like nobody care (nope, not nobody)
I care though, listen

[kastro - verse 1]
I been so sick lately, bellyin and not achy
These issues keep me with pistols for safety
I got plans that the cops ain't included in
And not a handcuff or shell could hold em in
Right at the end of my road, who been there before?
Now that i'm dead, it's like i've been dead before
Same story, it's raw, i'm an outlaw
A bread warhead, k-dogg is a warrior
And when i stand, i stand on my own two
If i fall, i land on my own two
A soldier, and it been like that
Pac and yak see us now and they could see all that
Who really care? fuck the tarry hair
And the rest of the outlawz was without a share
Don't nobody care, just like i thought
So i just stare at the world like i don't give a fuck

[napolean - verse 2]
I remember them days when it was dark outside
The only thing i felt i had was my nuts and my pride
I was different than them niggaz on the block sellin drugs
But i was always with em, actin like a thug
Runnin through the mud cause the cops was on us
We just walkin home from school but they always on us
It's like this, the streets is so lovely
I love the streets, because the streets made me
The ghetto seems so in peace
Man, that i moved to the suburbs and there's more police
Where i'm from, a fiend'll pack a gun
Overton, jersey the harder the slum
But i made it up outta there, thanks to the lord, kid
But i'll never leave my box alone, nigga i swear (swear)
And to the young kids wearin the streets do
I know nobody don't care, but the outlawz do (cause we do)

[chorus - young noble]
We stack clips, glack licks in the air
Smoke sticks on the stairs, dog, nobody care (nobody care)
Letra de:
We shot the fear when everybody was there
Beat each other half to death, but homie nobody care (nobody care)
My momma wasn't there and my poppa wasn't there
Couldn't find em anywhere cause nobody cared, yeah
We split mills, pop pills and shit
Ten on the floor, ten in the bed, damn, nobody care

[young noble - verse 3]
Yo, hard times as a youngsta
Scarred by the hunger, wonder
How many gonna die this summer (die this summer)
We loud like thunder roamin the strip
Now everybody act cool, we approachin the vip (come on, come on)
Smokin a stick, hit, cause we live for this (live for this)
Just like shit is hard raisin kids in this
I got 'outlaw' tatted on my stomach and all (stomach and all)
We can fight and hang out later like nothing is wrong
Laise your timms up tight cause the ride is rough (uh)
You can tighten my cuffs, i'm still likin the cuffs (come on)
Fuck this and that, cause i'mma get you back (uh-huh)
I know you mother fuckers sick and wish that i couldn't rap
Hatin already waitin till my pockets is fat (uh)
Would you rather see me incarcerated, locked in the back? (come on)
Cockin a strap, have your whole block in a gat (yeah)
Every body down flat, where them dollars at? (uh, oh yeah)

[edi mean - verse 4]
I put my faith in the lord, pray for patience in war
Now only time'll tell if he heard me before
I see myself in the mirror, young nigga full of flaws
But in the streets, i'm a hero cause i give it to em raw
I'm just my momma's second son, and i just bought me a gun
Cause some niggaz want some, and i ain't got nothin for em
Me and my niggaz stay hungry, strivin for the old and gray money
Ridin while these niggaz think it's funny
But ain't a damn thing funny to a nigga like me (nah)
When you sittin on your ass broke and thirty
And don't nobody care about your sob story (nah)
I work so hard homie, you better be about your money (homie)
Oh yeah, it goes both ways, and momma used to say
'the lord'll help those who help themselves'
I keep my eyes on the prize so there ain't no chance for me fail
Cause don't nobody give a fuck when you livin in hell

Chorus x 2

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