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Letra Shinhwa, Bisangu
Letra de la canción y letra de música de Bisangu de Shinhwa.

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Letra Bisangu de Shinhwa

What up this is stage 1 huh?
We have many figures you know what I'm saying?
We be in, but you not inside (haha)
Win a three rpw try to survive between you and I
So let's take a step for one and let these muthaf*ckers know what the real
Riot this brings some noise now I gotta relax and flex and
Reality trippin lookin to the sky till the day I die
Suckers sprint only soul was friends all acting became into an actual life run again
You know what it's like be dissin reckon as a late night victim!

Geu ruh kae ee sang hahn noon eu roh nah reul
Ji geum moh doo gah chuh dah boh goh neun eet jji mahn
Ah moo eui mi doh up neun pyo jung eul ji eu myuh
Yuh gi ee ruh kae nah reul bah rah boh goh ee ssuh

* Geu ruhn shi geu roh nahl chuh dah boh ji mah
(As a wu, I'll be standing in the right stand)
Nae gaen nah mah nae seng gahk gwah kkoom ee eet neun guhl
(Better dream about makin' you scream)
Babo chuh rum nah reul bah rah boh ji mah
(Life run again but I'm 19)
Ee jaen nae jah shin mah neul wi hae nahn sahl kkuh yah
(Hey 1, 2, 3 now take one)

** Ddahn seng gahk nae gaen pi lyo up ssuh
Bi rohk nae moh seup eun choh rah hae doh
Duh ee sang chah meul soo neun up ssuh
Nuh moo soom mah ki neun sae sang ae suh
Ee ruh kae juh ruh kae nah reul boh goh
Hohn jah suh pahn dahn hah goh seng gahk hah neun saram deul...
Geu ruh kae mahl hahl soo neun up ssuh
Jah gi jah shin eul doh rah suh suh seng gahk hae bwah

Letra de:
Rap1) One one our life stands two is the word that the government passed
Think of that opposite to the crimes to stand
Label me an outlaw group to be known as I do to mic (Ah whoo~)
Tripple from my middle all you know is raise some bias
Cuz it defines physically, you got an every danger most the mentally

Rap2) Koong koong koong huh duh gi neun nae shim jang eul neu kkil soo ee ssuh Nevertheless ee juh gahl soon up ssuh tuh jil kkut mahn gah teun mah chim
Nae mohm eul ddool goh nah ohl kkuht mahn gah teun
Nae jah shin ae byun hae buh rin moh seup
Worst rhyme ya'll can't take it no more
Gahm dang hahl soon up ssuh Oh sh*t oh sh*t
Nae mohm eul dool kkoh nah wah buh rin dah

*, ** repeat

Ddahn seng gahk nae gaen pi lyo up ssuh
(Don't mess cause you got my old friends)
Duh ee sang chah meul soo neun up ssuh
(In the most fools they don't trust)
Geu ruh kae juh ruh kae nah reul boh goh
(Seriously seriously put to make it balance)
Geu ruh kae mahl hahl soo neun up ssuh
(Late night woes was destroyed)


** repeat

Representin' the real you know what I'm saying (yeah)
Keep it real we out (we out)

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