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Letra Yelawolf, Go Crazy
Letra de la canción y letra de música de Go Crazy de Yelawolf.

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Letra Go Crazy de Yelawolf

[verse 1]

I got a red road runner and a yellow bird hummer
The same as yo mamma fightin with that drumma
You a messy ass bitch i don't even want your number
Hard tops for the winter drop tops for the summer
Comin through in a bubble gum blue 88
Even if i had a billion imma represent the state
Caviar on my plate told my momma i just ate
Told my son lil catchy hey you need to gain some weight
So i went and gotta brick told my homies that was it
Wrapped it up real good and started making paper quick
Now the girls goin crazy im grippin my 380
Im still tryin to figure how to make these bitches pay me, woah


Girls in the club go crazy, homies in the club go crazy
If you gotta bottle pop it then raise it you now the shit jumpin so pay me

Girls in the club go crazy, homies in the club go crazy
If you gotta bottle pop it then raise it you now the shit jumpin so pay me

[verse 2 yelawolf]
I'm yelawolf i got funk galore
You might have a lotta funk but i got much more
And don't act like you aint seen it before
Keep the sweat drippin from your girlfriends pores
So whats up with this craker jack
All i know is that he's sippen pack for pack
Letra de:
So when i'm busy i know fact from wack
Runnin rappers drunk call me stack for stack
I got people on they feet in the seats
I got jim johnson dropping on the beat
Get the fuck out if you can't control the heat
Whats up to the all the punks that i see
Imma give um a piece of my mind
I'm cooking a brian samich
Imma roll up a nine inch blunt and sprinkle little bit of me in it
Smoke that and put a middle finger up while i chop this shit like a bon tie
Hello world welcome to my first hit yelawolf rich boy bye bye


Rap five fifty brain at the alabama state game
Blowing big bluts doing stunts smoking propane
You need your ass snaped yous a lab rat
Bring my half back and a backpack
Ceaser salad at the palace the crib lavish
Green guac big knots smokin green cabbage
Me and my partner got um takin it off
Touchin them soft i can't hear what they sayin because its somethin in they mouth
Me wolf and jonsin got the bouncer woofers knockin
We keep the bottles poppin till the women keep it ehhh
Im in there chop head phantom pulling girls at random
Its car de a rich boy the haters can't stand um


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